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Free Project Management Career Guideline
The importance of developing well-rounded competencies in project management cannot be overstated.

Benefit of a robust assessment and development tool to help you as project professional at all levels enhance your capabilities across a wide spectrum of competencies.

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Expert advice

Download your copy of our PPS Project Management Competency Framework™ - A Comprehensive Guide  today and take the  next steps towards achieving your career goals!

Staying up-to-date

Inside, you'll find expert advice on everything from identifying your strengths and weaknesses to developing a personalized career plan.

Growing your skillset

Explore the latest trends and technologies in your field and learn how to stay current. We'll provide you with with emerging trends and leveraging new technologies to enhance your skills.

Soft skills that'll get you hired

Explore the different ways you can develop new skills and enhance your existing ones. We'll provide you with practical tips for pursuing professional development opportunities.

Community included

If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, we have a thriving community of professionals on our discussion forums who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else!


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GUIDELINE testimonials

Testimonials from people who have benefited from PPS Project Management Competency Framework™

"Discovering the Project Planning School Competency Framework was a game-changer for my career. Starting as a Junior Project Coordinator, I used the framework to pinpoint my growth areas. With targeted training and development, I climbed the ladder to become a confident Project Manager. The assessments helped me focus on my strengths and areas for improvement, boosting my career. I recommend it to anyone looking to level up in project management!

The framework suggested specific training and highlighted missing competencies like stakeholder management and risk assessment. I tackled these through online courses and mentorship, accelerating my growth and giving me the edge in complex projects"
Sofia, from project engineer to senior project manager
"Before stumbling upon the Project Planning School Competency Framework, I felt lost in my project management journey. But it was like finding a roadmap that finally made sense! Starting as a Project Engineer, I followed the framework's guidance, identifying areas where I needed to improve. With its help, I steadily advanced to a Senior Project Manager role, confidently leading teams and delivering successful projects.

The framework not only showed me where to focus my efforts but also recommended tailored training and development opportunities. It's like having a personal coach every step of the way. If you're serious about advancing your project management career, this framework is a must-have tool!"

A word from the Project Planning School team

"I've spent years working in various industries and have had the opportunity to work with countless professionals at different stages of their careers. 

Throughout my experiences, I've come to realize that
advancing your career is attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the effort. That's why, together with the team at Project Planning School, we have created this comprehensive guide that will help you take your career to the next level. "
PMP | Senior PPM Trainer & Consultant
Founder Project Planning School
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