Professional Assessment of
Project Management Skills

Align your skills with international project management standards

Regular assessment of your project management skills is essential for continued professional growth and to adapt to the changing needs of your career.

ePM Assess™ 2.3

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Evaluate. | Learn. | Evolve
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Start by assessing your skills, then dive into continuous learning, and see how you're growing professionally with our app

We pride ourselves on offering you much more than just an assessment of your project management skills.

Our tool draws its power from the expertise of our team in project management but also in cognitive psychology, the mechanisms of learning, pedagogical engineering, constitute the heart of our DNA.

Project Planning School Team

Comprehensive assessment on project management skills

Explore the 3 key areas:

🛠️ Technical

🧠 Contextual skills

Identify your skills specific to the environment and situation in which a project is carried out

🗣️Behavioural Competencies

Analyze the social and emotional skills that help you work well

🛠️ Technical Skills

Identify technical skills specific to project management
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Discover the 29 meticulously structured Project Management skills

Accurately measure your level step by step,
whether in terms of
entry-level skills or expertise

Using step by step evaluation criterias
Knowledge -> Understanding > Application > Analysis > Synthesis,
our personalized approach
helps you to develop your skills in an unparalleled way

Key features

Alignment with international standards

Our tool is specifically designed to reflect the competencies defined by most international standards, ensuring an accurate assessment

Personalized Assessments

Create ICB-tailored assessments to meet the specific needs of your organization or project.

Auto-Evaluation et Feedback

Users can self-assess and receive targeted feedback to improve their skills.

Discover your strengths, identify your areas for improvement

With our unique approach, PM Assess allows you to pinpoint your strengths and areas where you can improve. You get personalized recommendations to hone your project management skills and reach new professional heights.

An assessment tool developed by experts

Our tool draws its power from the expertise of our team of talents, whose skills in cognitive psychology and the mechanisms of learning are at the heart of our DNA.

Explore the richness of Bloom's taxonomy

Designed to help you develop your project management skills in a targeted manner, with an approach based on cognitive psychology, learning mechanisms and international project management standards.
Assess your skills in a few steps

1. Register

Create a user account by providing the required information and start the assessment

2. Answer the Questions

Answer the evaluation questions.

3. Evaluation and Response Processing

In-process assessment report:- Detailed analysis of responses for accurate

Identification of strengths and areas where you can improve
- Personalized recommendations for your development

4. Evaluation Report

The Evaluation Report is generated. This report includes insights into your strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations to improve your project management skills

Project Management Skills Assessment Report

Sample Report

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